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Day 1 - Money Mindset

May 2, 2024

Transform Your Money Mindset for Lasting Wealth and Legacy

Tiffany Grant

This session delves into how your beliefs and attitudes towards money influence your financial outcomes.

Discover actionable strategies to break free from limiting beliefs, foster an abundance mindset, and align your financial goals with your vision for long-term prosperity.

How Couples Can LOVE Talking Money

Ed Coambs

Talking about money doesn’t have to be painful, confusing, or disappointing, with L.O.V.E. guiding meaningful money conversations. Learn the art and science of a couple’s communication about money.

Establishing Financial Boundaries

Rahkim Sabree

Learn to set healthy financial boundaries and navigate enmeshed relationships.

Gain practical strategies for asserting autonomy and fostering financial independence within your relationships. 

Empower yourself and build a solid financial foundation.

How to Become a Financial Role Model

Crystina Cardozo

Becoming a financial role model involves reflecting on your own responsible money habits and demonstrating fiscal discipline.

The session will delve into setting clear financial goals and modeling the behavior desired in children. 

You’ll receive specific examples of when and how to engage in open communication with children, and the importance of long-term financial planning will be emphasized.

What's Your Awesome Stuff: Money Mindfulness for Kids and Parents

David Delisle

We need to change the way we teach financial literacy with a focus on money mindfulness and first recognizing what’s really important to YOU…The Awesome Stuff. 

This session will shift the way you think & feel about money so that we can stop the cycle of endlessly chasing more.

Achieving Financial Independence and Wealth Building as a Family

Andy Hill

Explore five actionable steps to attain financial independence and build wealth as a family. 

This interview delves into essential strategies for securing your family’s financial future. Gain insights and practical advice to embark on the path to lasting wealth together.

Raising Wealth Conscious Kids

Holly Reid​

Dive into strategies for raising wealth-conscious kids, emphasizing that this isn’t about cultivating greed, but rather about nurturing financial stability, security, and independence in the next generation. 

Day 2 - Money Mastery

May 3, 2024

Blueprint for Financial Freedom: Building Your Financial Plan

Laura & Gabe Walters

Steadyworth’s signature financial planning workshop offers you a unique opportunity to learn how to build a comprehensive financial plan like a CFP® professional.

Using our one-page financial planning framework, you will gain insights into the financial planning principles of the wealthy, delivered in a fun, simple, and easy-to-understand manner.

Family First: The Importance of Estate Planning for Parents

Deb Meyer

Join Certified Financial PlannerTM and mother of three, Deb Meyer, as she simplifies estate planning essentials. 

Learn why estate planning documents are crucial for your family, regardless of wealth. From guardianship decisions to medical directives, discover how proper planning secures your family’s future.

Unlock Financial Success: A Proven Cash Flow Management System for Parents

Jamie Bosse

Managing Cash flow tends to be an issue for people REGARDLESS of income level.

In this session you will learn how to get control of  your families cash flow, and why it is the key to a successful financial plan. 

A Solution to Financial Stress: Cash Envelope Budgeting

Shane Walker

In this session, discover how you can master your finances and achieve long-term stability using the powerful technique of cash envelope budgeting.

Learn how this practical strategy can prevent overspending and alleviate financial stress by providing clear boundaries for your spending.

Explore methods for real-time spending control and goal prioritization to enhance your financial well-being.  Gain valuable insights and actionable steps towards achieving your financial stability and peace of mind.

Saving Strategies For Single Parents

Anna Boyd

Equip single parents for financial independence with savvy saving techniques. 

Learn how you can save effectively for unexpected costs and future goals without accumulating debt.

Explore three easy saving methods and receive tips on prioritizing your long-term financial needs and incorporating saving into daily routines. 

Tax Wisdom for Parenthood: Maximizing Benefits, Minimizing Burdens

Sonia Castelan

The session will focus on educating parents and guardians about all things  taxes.

It will covering essential topics such as: tax filing status, tax credits and deductions specifically for parents, child-related tax considerations, tax planning strategies, recent tax changes, and tips for successful tax filing.

*For American Audiences 

Retirement Reimagined: Building Generational Wealth with Purpose

Jessica Morgan

This session is curated for parents aspiring to craft a retirement filled with purpose and prosperity.

Discover the keys to accurately gauging your retirement lifestyle costs and unlocking the formula for calculating your unique retirement needs. 

Delve into the wealth of investment opportunities available to Canadians, tailored to align with your vision for the future. 

*For Canadian Audiences 

Securing Your Family's Future: A Parent's Guide to Retirement Planning

Shinobu Hindert

Discuss the importance of taking care of your own financial well-being as a parent, including setting financial goals and priorities.

I’ll explain the fundamentals of investing for retirement, including the importance of starting early, the power of compound interest, and how parents can create a retirement savings plan that aligns with their financial goals.

*For American Audiences 

Back to the Basics: Minimizing Stress by Maximizing Your Paycheck

Kelly Sjostrom

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you don’t know where all your money goes or when debt seems like an unavoidable part of life. But here’s the truth: we can do more with the money we currently have. Let’s break these myths together. I’m here to offer real advice, actionable steps that will leave you walking away empowered. Together, we’ll target goals, identify a plan, and create habits that stick, all aimed at minimizing stress and maximizing your paycheck.

Investing For Your Children Without Sacrificing Your Budget

Jessica Morgan

Discover practical approaches to invest in your children’s education without risking your budget or retirement. Learn how to tailor investment plans to your family’s needs, ensuring financial stability while securing a brighter future for your kids.

Day 3 - Wealth & Legacy

May 4, 2024

Level Up Your Career & Income: From Paycheck To Portfolio

Stefanie Gonzales

Stefanie presents the precise 6-step framework she employed to take control of her career. 

Why? Because as women, it’s imperative to play an active role in shaping your career trajectory and augmenting income.

Empowering you to channel increased earnings into assets that serve you and your families diligently!



A Roadmap For Escaping The 9 To 5

Colin Graves

 Through a multi-step roadmap, you will gain valuable insights into transitioning mid-career without compromising your financial stability. 

Discover practical strategies to achieve financial freedom and pursue passions while supporting your family.

This session aims to inspire parents to consider alternative career paths and showcases that it’s never too late to make a career pivot towards a more fulfilling and financially viable future.

Demystifying Investing: A Beginner's Guide

Sandy Yong

Join me, your summit host, Clifton Corbin, and award-winning author Sandy Yong as we delve into the key steps of successful investing. Learn from Sandy’s personal journey and discover the five crucial steps to kickstart your investment journey confidently. 

Gain actionable insights to navigate the financial markets effectively and build a prosperous investment portfolio for the future.

How to Introduce Kids to Investing with Confidence

Maya Corbic

Unlock the power of teaching kids investing with ease, regardless of your own knowledge or apprehensions. Discover simple steps to ignite curiosity and impart the basics of investing to your children.

Unlocking Financial Independence Strategies for Youth

Dan Sheeks

Unveil powerful strategies designed to empower young individuals on their journey towards financial freedom.

This session offers practical insights and actionable tips to help youth take control of their financial future.

How to Pay for College Without Student Loans

Chris Corinthian

Unlock the secrets to financing higher education without accumulating burdensome student loans.

Discover a comprehensive framework and actionable steps for funding college education while steering clear of debt. 

From scholarship strategies to alternative financing options, you’ll learn innovative approaches to secure your academic future without the looming shadow of student loans.

Strategies for Raising Financially Literate Children

Clifton Corbin

Explore the significance of open money conversations, everyday financial education, and practical money management experiences.

Gain insights into the concept of wealth and learn how to prepare kids for financial success.

Raising Tomorrow's CEOs: Cultivating Entrepreneurship in Kids

Rob Phelan

Explore strategies to encourage entrepreneurship in your children.

From sparking initial interest to guiding them through idea generation and business development, gain valuable insights to support your child’s entrepreneurial journey. 

Helping kids follow the 3 Rules of Wealth

Will Rainey

The rules of money are simple but hard to follow.

In this session learn the rules, why most people don’t follow them and how to ensure your kids do.

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