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The Worthy Nest's Live Richly Tool Kit

The Worthy Nest Live Richly toolkit, priced at $19, available to you completely FREE.

Dive into a collection of curated resources designed to support your journey towards success. Don’t miss this opportunity to access premium content at no cost – seize the moment and elevate your endeavors with the Worthy Nest LLC toolkit today.

Use the discount code GENWEALTH24 at checkout to get the toolkit for free!

Qube Money Budgeting App

Qube Money is a mobile banking app that automatically splits your money into separate digital accounts, creating purpose behind every dollar. SPEND WITH PURPOSE. Choose which qube you’re spending from before each purchase, automatically limiting your spending habits.

Qube’s patented proactive spending method requires you to check your budget before your spend. This protects you from theft and empowers you to save more and be intentional with your spending.

Expect to save $800+ in your first 2 months.

Two-week FREE trial for the SheeksFreaks Community

Welcome to SheeksFreaks, where we’re rewriting the rules of success. The SheeksFreaks Community is an online hub for GenZers aged 14 to 26 who are highly motivated to maximize their financial futures. If you’re not looking forward to the 9-to-5 grind for decades of your life and crave financial independence, you’re in the right place. Here, you’ll find support, resources, and lifelong friends who share your passion for side hustles, intelligent investments, frugality, and building wealth.


Join us and imagine a future where financial stress is a thing of the past and you live life on your own terms. With SheeksFreaks, you’ll be part of a tight-knit community committed to ditching the status quo and pursuing financial freedom. Whether you’re starting your first side hustle or diving into the world of investing, you’ll find everything you need to thrive and succeed.

The Allowance Advantage

Be among the first to explore the upcoming release of Clifton Corbin’s latest book, “The Allowance Advantage,” proudly sponsored by Aspyre Wealth Partners.

In today’s ever-changing world, providing children with a strong financial education is more critical than ever. With “The Allowance Advantage,” parents are equipped with the essential tools and guidance to teach financial responsibility to children aged 4-14. Through the power of allowances, this book offers practical insights and strategies to nurture your child’s financial literacy and independence.

Learn how to confidently implement allowances as a hands-on learning tool, fostering crucial conversations about money management and financial decision-making. Gain valuable insights into when, how, and what to do when it comes to allowances, ensuring your child’s journey towards financial success starts on the right foot.

“The Allowance Advantage” is your roadmap to raising financially savvy, independent young adults. Start empowering your family’s financial future today.

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